Learning and Development Specialist

Kuwait Steel - Kuwait - Kuwait

To help create, administer, and deliver training programs for business and organizational growth. To assess the needs of the organization, and then develop custom training programs in-line with company objectives.

To organize and deliver training sessions using different forms such as lectures, group discussions, team exercises, hands-on examples, etc. Training can also be in the form of a video, self-guided instructional manual, or online application.

To organize and monitor training , guide employees through media-based programs, or facilitate informal or collaborative learning programs.

Training needs and strategies.

  • Research, analyze and prepare the annual training needs analysis and budgets.

  • Ensure each training course addresses the required core competencies.

  • Formulate career and succession planning strategies and processes.

  • Assess training needs through surveys, interviews with employees, focus group, or consultation with managers.

  • Design and conduct train-the-trainer sessions to develop knowledge, skills and abilities of selected line personnel.

  • Participate in the selection and guide development of system training tools to ensure they address requirements, are practical and easy to use, facilitate effective learning, and are cost effective.

  • Analyze all relevant HR training data and prepare written reports for submission to internal and external parties, and act as a liaison, problem solver and negotiator in addressing requests received from departments.

Administer the implementation of Career Development plans through tracking and monitoring.

  • Report, track and monitor all training requirements.

  • Ensure all training documents and results are filed and measured.

  • Coordinate all competency and career development meetings and events.

  • Monitor and track development using suitable databases for all employees.

  • Monitor, evaluate, and record training activities and program effectiveness.

Assist in conducting and organizing training sessions.

  • Perform orientation and other workshops presentations when required.

  • Arrange for coaching sessions and raise needs for counselling to the Head of T&D.

  • Apply professional learning principles in training design, presentation, teaching and evaluation methods.

Build up and customize career development plans on a company level.

  • Support the career development of employees searching for specific development and training interventions.

  • Implement rotation and internships program plans for interns and selected new employees.

  • Create and implement development program models for career development needs.

  • Manage the processes of internship programs.

  • Partner with business units to assess and identify, leadership and technical developmental needs.

  • Support implementation of career and succession planning strategies and processes.

  • Develop training and development policies and procedures.

Drive for change.

  • Provide assistance on HR change initiatives.

  • Drive a culture of performance, commitment and support for the career and succession planning strategies through continuous communication of norms and strategies.


Candidate must have GCC experience

Native English speaker is preferred

CIPD SHRM certificate is a must

  • Strong live facilitation and public speaking skills.

  • Coach and Leadership Skills.

  • Professional Verbal & Written Communication skills

  • Interpersonal and Social Networking skills that enable you to work with people of diverse population base at all levels of an organization across different divisions in the company

  • Ability to administer a SAP Performance and Goals/Succession Planning Modules

  • Proficient in the use of common professional skills software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

  • Ability to manage a large and variable workload, through organizing, planning, and delegating tasks ensuring timely and accurate completion of assigned work.

  • Research and development skills.

  • Creative and innovative thinking.

  • Provide positive and constructive input into change initiatives

  • Time management.


Post date: 16 June 2021
Publisher: Bayt
Post date: 16 June 2021
Publisher: Bayt