Logistics Officer

  • We are looking for Logistics Officer 

Job Description : 

  •  To manage all logistics operation including all logistics assets in order to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery.
  •  To co-ordinate and provide logistics support to on-going air, land, sea or rail operation in the area.
  •  Responds to queries from pickers and dispatch concerning items missing or misplaced. Makes changes accordingly or advises on what is to be done.
  •  Generates a Receiving Report and forwards to Accounts for pricing and posting.
  •  Makes requests for tools and equipment and other materials, ensuring constant availability.
  •  Develop logistical plans for current operations and logistics contingency plans
  •  Support logistics staff in other offices.
  •  Prepare plans for liquidation and downsizing.
تاريخ النشر: ٢٠ يونيو ٢٠٢٠
الناشر: Tanqeeb.com

تاريخ النشر: ٢٠ يونيو ٢٠٢٠
الناشر: Tanqeeb.com