Marketing Manager

وظيفة منتهية ( إقرأ التحذير أولا)

تاريخ النشر ٧ نوفمبر ٢٠١٩
المكان الكويت - حولي
نوع الوظيفة Full Time
الخبرة المطلوبة +5
المؤهل التعليمي Baschlor Degree
النوع Female


A leading company in the field of make-up and cosmetics looking for a female marketing manager in the field of international beauty and cosmetics brands at least 5 years of experience in the same field in Kuwait

Functional tasks

1- Learn about all that is new in the field of makeup and cosmetics globally and discuss ways to apply it within the company

2- Setting the marketing objectives of the organization, and seeking to implement them to ensure the achievement of profits.

3- Develop appropriate plans for all activities related to the promotion of the organization's products. Implementation of marketing plans, with the need to develop them in a way that preserves the establishment's prestigious status, as well as enhances its competitiveness.

4- Follow up and monitor all marketing activities, in order to minimize errors and correct deviations.

5-Follow-up advertising programs for marketing, assess the degree of their response, and thereby identify their shortcomings and weaknesses, while ensuring that they are addressed and resolved.

6-Pre-pricing strategies are conducted by developing the best possible strategy for the highest profitability.

6- Making various agreements, especially with advertising agencies, in order to implement advertising campaigns.

7-Seek the best marketing opportunities for the benefit of the company, through the analysis of fundamental factors including physical or technological factors.


1- The ability to do marketing research to the fullest.

2- The availability of leadership skills in the manager, in order to be able to lead the sales team, in addition to motivate him to work in order to achieve success for the organization.

3- The ability to analyze, as well as strategic planning of different positions.

3- Knowledge of foreign languages well and provide computer handling skills.

4-The ability to use modern devices and technological tools, in addition to dealing with the Internet, and full knowledge of e-marketing skills.

5- Possessing all modern communication skills. The ability to negotiate well with others, and the ability to influence and convince them.

6- Having the ability to communicate with others, and having the manners of dialogue with them. Have the ability to solve problems and manage crises.

7- Managing business meetings effectively. Maintaining customers and customers of the company, and the possibility of establishing good relationships with them.

8- Adapting to all emergency variables and dealing with different situations.

9- The possibility of dealing with statistical systems. Have good manners and a good reputation that enables people to gain the trust of others.

10-The ability to be creative, think and innovate. The ability to withstand pressures, exploit the best time exploit.